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New Release: Will Spitwell – Public’s Peeking

2 September 2016

Hazed Me [Parental]

Will Spitwell – Public’s Peeking (Hosted by Medusa)

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#DemolitionTeam #PublicsPeeking #iLLit

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We Need You!

13 April 2016

Our next video is titled “Need That” an anthem about the come-up. We need everyone out grinding to film yourself with your smartphone, in your element, doing what motivates you during the hook. You can rap the hook or just rep to it. To make it easier we created a dubsmash for both parts of the hook.

Need That -

Need That Part 2 of the Chorus -

You can view the full song at The rest of the video will be filmed in Roanoke, Virginia. If you can use better equipment than Dubsmash, by all means please do! Either way, we will use everything and give social media shouts/credit to all that participate. You can include a shout out and where you are from we will include it at the end of the video. All love!

Email to

Download the Full Song


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New Release: Kimbro – The Relief: 2

21 January 2016

The Relief: 2 is here!

S/O to everyone involved to make this possible!

Thank you for listening, and Enjoy!!

Kimbro - The Relief 2

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Will Spitwell – MLK Tribute: Part II

18 January 2016

Happy MLK Day!

Artist: Will Spitwell
Mixtape: Public’s Peeking
Twitter: @Will_Spitwell
Instagram: @iLLSpitwell
Produced by Chris Prythm
Twitter/Instagram: @chrisprythm
Ill-it Records: @iLLiteracy/@iLLit

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New Video: Everything by Kimbro

11 December 2015

From the upcoming release “The Relief: 2″. #Everything. Enjoy!!
Artist: Kimbro
Produced by Chris Prythm
Directed by Dan Lewin
Featuring Marjorie J.
© Ill-it Records

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New Video: KINGDOM by Ill-iteracy

4 September 2015

First Single from Ill-iteracy’s upcoming release “SYMPHOSIUM”. Produced by Chris Prythm. Directed by Dan S. Lewin. #KINGDOM. Enjoy!
iTunes –
Spotify –
AmazonMusic –

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StiLLicon Valley: Ill-it Records Cypher

30 January 2015

Had a great time. More to come, be sure to subscribe to our Channel iLLNetwork. Enjoy!

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